Quick Q&A | Bridget from A New Look Through Old Eyes

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Today you’ll hear from Bridget, the writer of the blog A New Look Through Old Eyes.

Q: Name/Region

A: Bridget, Birmingham, UK


Q: Describe your visual impairment in one sentence.

A: Age related Wet Macular Degeneration gives me good peripheral vision but inability to focus.


Q: How do you want others to refer to your vision loss?

A: I usually explain my sight loss by saying I have low vision or that I am partially sighted.  Not keen on Visually Impaired although I do use the term.


Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: I was encouraged by friends and family who were very enthusiastic about the uses of increasingly sophisticated forms of communication and accessibility technology.  The blog seems to have morphed into a vehicle for my activities and grumbles!


Q: How do you write your posts?

A: I write on my ipad and then transfer to Word on my pc and then send it as an attachment to my friends Liz and Matthew who edit it and add all the twiddly buts before posting it on WordPress.  This is very convoluted and I am hoping to be taught a more straightforward way this week.  Luckily, L and M are very patient people and don’t try and stretch my limited technical abilities!


Q: What do you enjoy reading?

A: Favourites are classics, American crime fiction, travel, modern fiction.  Nowadays I can’t read paper print so read on Kindle app on my ipad or listen to audio downloads.  Also get a weekly newspaper on a memory stick and read UK newspapers online.


Q: What advice would you give to someone experiencing vision loss?

A: Research your condition if that helps, investigate all forms of accessibility, talk to people about what you want from them and be polite when they get it wrong!  Take control.


Q: Recommend a resource for people directly or indirectly experiencing vision loss.

A: There are various charities in the UK, most of them providing different resources, some more effective than others.  For me the most useful resources are ipad, (altho most tablets provide similar functions) mobile phone, audio books, iTunes, podcasts and radio, iplayer, BBC.


Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: Eton Mess….broken up home made vanilla flavoured meringue, whipped cream, fresh strawberries all messed up together in a glass bowl.   Yummy!


Q: What can you not get enough of lately?

A: I really miss the theatre as I live near Stratford on Avon (royal Shakespeare Company Theatre) but, even with audio description, I can’t see enough.  We used to go to see the whole season of Shakespeare plays each year.


Q: How can people connect with you besides your blog?

Email.(Here’s a contact link from her blog)  Not keen on Facebook.   I like reading Twitter occasionally but find there is too much of it!


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  1. Thanks, Susan. Am enjoying these Q&A replies. What a great idea! I should add, having just returned from a regular eye scan at my local hospital, that I neglected to say that the finest resource in the UK is our National health Service…providing everything from diagnosis, treatment and support.

    1. Thanks for adding that info, Bridget!

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