Halloween Candy in Low Vision

Did you buy candy for the trick-or-treaters? It’s almost Halloween. In fact, you might be reading this just as the candy-grabbers hit your neighborhood, all costumed and giggly. I don’t shy away from celebration, I love Halloween costumes and the silly candy. Let’s forget about the nightmare of chemicals and coloring in those seasonal treats and instead focus on the good stuff, figuring out which candy is the best. Follow along with me from shelf to shelf to rank some of this year’s selection.

With my low vision, I’m literally looking at candy differently than I ever did as a kid. Elements like shape, packaging and scent mean more to me now. The whole presentation of a particular item must impress this candy freak to make it to my choosey alimentary canal. Let’s dish.

purple rectangular box of pink and white good & plentysFirst, with my visual impairment, down with the boxed candy. I don’t want to jiggle and shake and sniff waxed cardboard to decide if I should open it. In dim lighting, it’s hard to differentiate some labels. Which brings me to my most hated candy: the licorice-flavored Good & Plentys. Must be named that because there’s always plenty leftover. Ew. Demerits for the box and demerits for being capsule-shaped like the palatable Mike and Ikes and demerits for the possibility that the product has gone stale and no one notices.

red bulk pack of smartiesNext up, oh no. Smarties. I’ll admit, it is nice, identifiable packaging. The benefits end when I go to open it and the cellophane is all crinkly and loud and when I finally unwrap them, they spill and roll away. Plus, the candy feels too chalky on my fingers. Ugh, pass.

red bag of strawberry flavored TwizzlersThen there’s a candy I can’t help but feel pangs of nostalgia for: the Twizzler. Growing up, the factory was a few miles from my house. When you drive past it on certain days, you can smell the fresh batch. While the solid color offers no advantage in the contrast department, the signature fruity smell and the twisted rope texture make this candy easy for me to ID.

yellow triangle packaging with Toblerone written across it in red.Next, an even better treat: Toblerone. Fun to say, fun to eat. The triangular tube packaging is unmistakable. The distinct, pointed battlement confection, a fortification of chocolate, honey, and almond nouget never confuses me. It’s not getting the title of best Halloween candy though because I’ve only seen it given away a couple of times. More people need to join the Toblerone fan club.

Orange pack of candy with Reese's written in yellow and a brown peanut butter cup underneath the logoFinally, saving the best for last. This candy not only is my favorite for trick-or-treat, but according to a survey by Business Insider, it’s the most popular in America. The king of Halloween candy: the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Points for the aptly thematic orange and black packaging. My nose always identifies a Reese’s, even the ones I store in the freezer to slow down consumption. The round shape with fluted edge is a winner in the tactile department. All around, you can’t find fault with this choice.

Honorable mention: the khaki pants of the candy world, the ubiquitous candy corn. It goes with everything. Uniform shape. Great contrast. Eat a few too many kernels and you’re gonna get sick of them though.

Ok, time to grab a drink, all this candy talk made me thirsty. While I do that, what is the candy you love or hate for Halloween? Does packaging make a difference to you? Do you buy candy for the texture or the taste? What is your most memorable Halloween candy story? Tell me about it.







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  1. Jenelle says:

    Happy Halloween Susan! I’m with you on all of your candy likes/dislikes (especially the good and plentys – ugh!) I have to add mini candy bars b/c I love everything about them. They’re tiny so you don’t feel as guilty eating them! I love the fun size snickers, twix, and milky way!

    1. So true. Happy Halloween to you, too, Jenelle!

  2. I love the little fun-size Mounds bars. I always eat 2 in a row. And long after they’re in my belly, I’m still enjoying pieces of coconut that got stuck in my teeth. 🙂

    1. At least one piece of coconut always hangs on.

  3. charliejenny says:

    Happy Halloween I happen to love good and plenty. But I tend to like most candy, but my favorite is gummy worms. My grandpa loved them and since he past away I can’t help but think of him when I have one.

    1. Well, if you were in school with me, I would’ve given you all my good & plentys! I love gummy worms, too. What a fun way to remember your grandpa.

  4. When I saw the box of Good N Plenty I groaned because I thought yuk. So glad to hear you hate them too =D Although one of my faves are Jolly Ranchers and more specifically the Jolly Rancher pops (if they even still exist, I haven’t seen them in a while).

    1. Those are a treat. And I hope you are doing well post-surg, Steph. Glad to hear from you again.

      1. Oh my goodness yes, Susan thank you. I was able to have the procedure done a little early. I plan to do a post on it but I’m trying to catch up on some of my blog reading. It was such a simple procedure I honestly cannot refer to it as surgery although I’m sure there are some who may experience unfortunate issues with it. But it only took all of 60 seconds if that and I was done. My mistake was thinking it was gonna give me more vision than what I previously had but once I got over myself I was real pleased with the results. I can work now with greater ease.

      2. That’s wonderful Steph. Thanks for the update!

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