Flight Plan

Pink fuzzy eye mask with the words "The Bitch is Sleeping" lays on a blue pashminaMany of us traveled for the winter holidays. Tickets. Baggage. Schedules. It’s a lot to remember. Planning ahead makes me feel safer and more comfortable en route.

Stockton and I don’t have kids, so the worst case scenario (Kevin!) won’t be happening the next time we travel. Instead, I’ll be packing spirit-lifters for cruising altitude.

  • Bring a good attitude. Assume delays and minor hassles will happen. From experience, I learned freaking out won’t help. Keep perspective and stay calm.
  • Stay connected. Provide travel itinerary ahead of time to your host and those who care. If plans change, it’s considerate to pass along info. Cell phones quickly eliminate needless inconvenience.
  • Tote meds and items that soothe irritating conditions. Prescription eye drops and moisturizing eye gel are musts for me
  • Stay hydrated to reduce dry, sore eyes and skin. Bring an empty water bottle that can pass TSA checks and fill it in the concourse. Pack travel sized lotion and lip balm.
  • Stay warm. I get cold on airplanes. I get cold in movie theaters. I get cold in my living room. Since I can’t take my large Buffalo Bills blanket with me, I pack a soft, blue pashmina. It envelops my torso like I’m swaddling myself. Instant coziness.
  • Quit the squint. Sunglasses and sleep shades are always in my carry on.
  • Nap it out on a neck pillow turned forward. Stockton calls me Snoozen for good reason.
  • Portable device filled with music and audiobooks and podcasts. Or at least earbuds to use the in-flight entertainment.
  • Handy snack. It keeps the hungry grouch away. Apples are my favorite.

What items do you keep close when you’re traveling? Have you crumbled in public over transportation issues? What is your go-to reading material for a trip? Tell me about it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget chargers for electronic devices and as Susan said, a huge dose of patience with a sense of adventure. During a recent trip, I was stranded in Midway Airport, Chicago for over 6 hours. Over 2,000 people were stranded in that small airport. We time-shared electric plugs and Moms banded together to provide movies for under 6 children. The Moms took turns going to the restroom and returned looking refreshed. A group of us same aged women 🙂 decided we would turn off our phones and do some old fashioned face-to-face talking. The whole scene was remarkable and most of us enjoyed ourselves making new friends.

    1. Now that’s how to handle a flight delay. Well done!

  2. meloheart says:

    I love travelling, but the worst that happens with me is I get stomach upsets as my digestive dynamo doesn’t seem to adjust properly

    1. Ugh that’s a pain. Traveling messes with my digestion, too. There’s not always great meal options either when you’re on the road. Water, water, water.

      1. meloheart says:

        You’re right. Its just a wrecking condition for me

  3. Trisha says:

    Lip balm, eye moisturizing drops, water, snacks and a device full of music and reading material are all on my must-have-when-travelling list too. I usually never leave the house without a tube of Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm but I somehow forgot it once and had to buy some at the airport. I can’t go anywhere without it!

    1. Love Burt’s Bees, too. Thank goodness you found some at airport that time.

  4. Traveling Uncle says:

    My years of travel call for one item everyone forgets. I minor cut or scratch becomes a major problem if you don’t have a BAND-AID. I try to always have one or two in my wallet and two or more in my suit case.

    1. I can never find band-aids quick when I need one. I shall put one in my purse right now.

  5. This is a good list. I especially like the lip balm and lotion idea!

    When you said “spirit-lifters” it reminded me a of a business flight I took last year…first one of the morning. The guy behind me ordered 8 Bailey’s, but had to settle for 6 because the flight attendant ran out.

    1. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

  6. Hand sanitizer, lotion, lip balm and my phone and I’m good to go. Oh and I almost never check my luggage because I want to get in and get out without delay so while it’s been since I’ve last flown I always adhered to the number of carry on pieces. Would even forgo carrying a handbag so that I could take my rolling bag and laptop.

    1. Now that’s commitment to not checking bags!

  7. Chelle says:

    Good advice all the way around!

  8. Casee says:

    I try to never forget the Tylenol. I seem to get a headache when stressed or when I get sinus so a couple extra strength Tylenol is a must have for travel for me. Also, I must have a windbreaker with a hood. I get so chilly on the plane.

    1. When we got to the airport, headaches follow.

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