Quick Note: Upcoming Retreat

Calendar on August pageAre you a blind or visually impaired lady? Would you like to connect with peers who are also facing vision loss? If so, consider attending the upcoming retreat in August led by Becky Andrews, LCMHC and Nicole Wall, LCMHC in idyllic Bountiful, UT. As Becky says,

“At times when facing vision loss, many women may feel isolated because they often don’t know anyone who shares their unique challenges. This retreat is an opportunity to connect and share stories with other women experiencing vision loss.  You will also leave with empowering tools and new insight through the Brene Brown, http://www.brenebrown.comhttp://www.thedaringway.com, experiential activities. This retreat is an experience to truly own and celebrate who you are and your story. “

Only a few spots remain for this particular session. Visit the Daring to Own Your Story retreat website here for all of the details. Joy Thomas and Jennelle Langraf of Double Vision Blog, whom I mentioned before in this post collaborated to create the event.

Full disclosure: I’m letting you know of this opportunity because I’m attending a similar retreat in June and wanted to share the information.


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