Beach Break

As summer winds down, I will be heading to the beach and stepping away from the blog for a bit. Many thanks to those of you who read Adventures in Low Vision and share your thoughts in the comments. I hope you find some time to take a break, too, if you haven’t already done so this year. Here’s a favorite “recipe” post of mine in a nod to time off. See you in September.



Summer Family Vacation

Serves 12


1 Beach House in a desirable location proven to delight near a variety of activities.
12 Family Members, mixed ages
6 Parking Spots, off-street
Foodstuffs, preferably ones with high sugar, fat, and salt content.
Coffee, caffeinated
Alcohol, all varieties in season
Assorted Umbrellas, Beach Chairs, Towels, Coolers, Sunscreen, Aloe, Flip-flops, Sunglasses, Puzzles, Movies, Music, Games, Reading Material, and Electronic Devices as desired.


1. Check rental agreement for adequate beds, baths, linens, and A/C or screened-in-porches before preparing your family vacation. Dirty and wilted family members do not mix well.
2. Travel to beach house. Place puzzles, movies, music, games, reading material and electronic devices in gathering spaces.
3. Thoroughly stock fridge and arrange foodstuffs on kitchen counters.
4. On their arrival, spread family members evenly throughout beach house.
5. Fill family members with food and drink to taste.
6. As the sun rises towards high noon every morning, watch for family members to depart in small groups for the edges of the sandy shores.
7.  As the sun sets, watch as family members return to the beach house, evenly browned. If skin is more red than brown, blanche in cold aloe.
8. Fold in more food and drink as needed.
9. Allow adequate time for rest. Do not disturb family members who nap or sleep-in.
10. As the week progresses, listen for the sound of laughter. Enjoy fantastic memories for years to come.

Chef’s note: If you notice poor attitude or stressful, elevated voices for sustained amounts of time, limit the amount of those family members in the next family vacation you prepare. Everything in moderation. Except good vacations.


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  1. Trisha says:

    Have a lovely time on your beach vacation!

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