If J. Crew Sold My White Cane

Note: October 15th marks White Cane Safety Day. Celebrate in style with one of my favorite posts.


White cane leaning against a brick wallCLASSIC WHITE CANE

The little black dress of mobility, it goes everywhere and anywhere you do, a true traffic stopper.

Sleek, lightweight. Folds down to fit neatly in your favorite leather handbag. Reflective tape enhances the profile. Finished with a pop of crimson at the bottom like your old favorite high heels. Crafted for us by Canadian manufacturer AmbuTech, renowned for its mobility products.

  • Available in regular, petite and tall sizes.
  • Graphite/aluminum ferrules/nylon/plastic.
  • Imported.

COLORS: sands of bora bora, fresh subway tile.



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  1. Steph McCoy says:

    Susan, I meant to comment on this post when I saw it on the 15th. I LOVE this description. Wouldn’t it be cool if white canes could be described in this manner? I’m sure more people wouldn’t find them nearly as distasteful as they might think they are.

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