The Death of Dry Eyes

I’m standing in my kitchen with tears streaming down my cheeks. I stir, stir, stir, misty eyed. I could be crying because of how much attention risotto requires. I could be crying over how divided our country is. I could be crying because I miss someone. But no, this time I’m crying in my kitchen out of relief. You heard me right, relief.

See, a nemesis arrives each winter, the heat miser called recirculated air. It’s a catalyst for sore eyes. Walking outside in the cold can be an ocular break, but then the wind whips up and it’s like get my eyeballs outta here. I’m always on the search for humid air to relieve wintertime dry eyes.

Over the holidays, Stockton and I vacationed in the Florida Keys. We loved it–great weather, beautiful sunsets, great activities…we had no complaints. Even better, the ocean air soothed my eyes. However, it’s not really practical to take tropical vacations often. If I can’t live in salty humid air, I need the best alternative: tears.

In my kitchen I found a 99 cents a pound cure, a vegetable miracle. All I need to do is chop an onion and there’s quality waterworks in Mayberry. It’s kinda like watching a moving piece about a community chorus on CBS Sunday Morning, but on my schedule. Even the slight onion vapor burn is worth it. I’m onto something here. If your eyes need some hydration this winter, get some onions and chop your way to tears.

How do you deal with dry eyes? Tell me about it.


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  1. Steph McCoy says:

    You might want to get a patent on this Susan. 😉 Do you think real tears work better than artificial? The reason I ask is when my eyes are dry and I need to use the artificial tears I don’t get much relief.

    1. Hmmm. I use artificial tears as well with varying results. I’d be curious to know what has the most consistent salination: real tears, artificial ones in a bottle, or the ocean air.

      1. Steph McCoy says:

        Uh Oh sounds like I need a trip to the ocean to do testing. 😅

      2. Book that trip today, Steph!

  2. Casee says:

    My Refresh No Preservative eye drops make my dry eyes bearable. I have tried different brands and I’m always on the hunt for a good recommendation. Though I usually have dry eyes I hate the runny eyes of allergy season too. I wouldn’t mind a tropical vacation from time to time to help out the old eyeballs either!

    1. Good suggestions, Casee. Dry eyes and allergy seasons are relentless.

  3. Jenelle says:

    Haha yes, onions are a great tear jerker! I cook with onions almost daily this time of year with all the soups and stews I’m cooking to keep my family warm. Tonight my 7 year-old was complaining that the onions in the air were making her eyes water. Next time she tells me that, I will respond, “Oh, yeah? Susan LOVES when onions do that to her eyes!”


    1. Oh dear. I’ll have to let her win for sure now if we ever play a game of scrabble together! And I love soups and stews when the weather is this cold. Yum!

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