Braille for Millennials {Seminars@Hadley podcast}

Image shows podcast logo. Seminars in red above @Hedley in black. The braille letter H fits in the left corner white dots with a red background. I love a good podcast. I learn while I’m working. I chuckle while doing chores. I’m entertained while sitting on the couch with the dogs. Stockton knows about my audio habit. I do have my favorites…

One weekday at work, my braille instructor from Hadley called me. She invited me to be on an upcoming episode of the Hadley podcast. You can guess what my answer was. Absolutely.

The morning we recorded, I felt excited and a little nervous. I plugged in my headset and sound checked. I sipped herbal tea, waiting to participate as a panelist. My turn arrived. It was fun to talk about learning braille and to share technology I use as a person living with low vision. When I gained low vision, I wasn’t sure if braille was something I would benefit from. Now I know it will expand my accessibility tool set and help me to accomplish more.  It’s a workout for the mind.  Check out Seminars@Hadley, Braille and Technology: A Winning Combination for Life.  Our discussion lasts about forty minutes. My turn starts around the 9:30 mark. Listen here.

What do you think braille can be used for? Do you know multiple languages? Did you know Hadley had a podcast? If you listen to Missing Richard Simmons, throw your shoulders back, lift your arms high to the sky and share your thoughts. I want to hear from you.


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  1. johnmill79 says:

    Very cool, I’d just subscribed to that podcast. Haven’t seen it in my feed yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. Will let you know what I think when I hear it. Congrats on being on it, and making the effort to learn Braille.

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