Let the Sunshine In

Photo shows a patch of bright green grass.I rest on the white porch swing with one of my terriers, Tilly. We stare at the bright green grass shooting for the sky. So many sprouts of life. Plants need water and light to grow, and April provides it. We’re made of needy cells, too. What do I need on a regular basis to stay nourished? I make a list as Tilly and I swing back and forth.

Readers, what do you do to stay nourished and grow? Tell me about it.



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  1. Casee says:

    I need a purpose in life and hope that things in my life and the world will get better. If not better then at least tolerable. I need to know my family is okay. I need them more than I admit to them and to myself. I need quiet time. It helps me to calm myself from the anxiety that can overtake me. I need my faith in God to just to take on the challenges of this life.

  2. Lovely feeling to sit and contemplate the Spring. Sine my heart surgery in January I have given a lot of thought to what nourishes me and some of it is surprising. Of course, family, friends, good health care, my garden , our park and then enough money to have good food, warm house and take taxis (!) after that is iPad for communication, audio books, next door’s cat, Humphrey, and new clothes. The surprising and slightly shaming part is how superficial some of this nourishment sounds, but often it is the small things that pit a spring in your step.

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