The Jaws of Strife

 Image shows an open staple remover on a white surface. Living with a disability means unexpected complications pop up like tulips in the spring sunshine. But, disability doesn’t own the market of inconvenience. Problems are part of life.

I was at work the other day updating accounts and preparing lawsuits. I remove staples by habit as duplicates are required in a legal office and staples are death to copy machines. But, there may be blood. Fishing the destapler from drawers always comes with the possibility of a finger prick. Delightful.

I worked a stack of documents, removing staples one by one. I hit a barrier with a fussy subject, but the phone interrupted me. I dropped the mini torture device and grabbed a pen to take a message. Seconds later I attacked the page with the metal jaws, this staple wasn’t budging.

“Do you need anything?” my coworker asked as he left for the drug store. I shook my head no and resumed my desk fight. Determined to set the papers free, I tried again, but the tool gained no purchase. I held up the pile to pick at the darned staple with my fingernails when the phone rang again. Even simple tasks get complicated.

I helped the caller and hung up the phone. I set my shoulders against my office supply troublemaker. I skimmed my nail over the point of entry. Wait a minute. I touched the paper again. There was nothing to feel. There’s nothing to feel when you’re trying to extract the photocopy of a staple. The black line bested these eyes. It was time for a cup of tea.

Do you use paper clips instead of staples? Does your staple remover get stuck in the closed position, too? Have you encountered a silly problem this week? Tell me about it.


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  1. Bruce Bynum says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed this post. I’ve done this myself. All you can’tdo is SHAKE your head and laugh

  2. Bruce Bynum says:

    I meant to say are you can do is shake your head and laugh

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