Staring at the Sun

 Photo shows the sunset on the beach at Key West as a sailboat moves across the water. Towns painted lines to denote viewing areas. Retailers stocked ISO-certified shades since regular sunglasses aren’t protective enough. Tourists booked trips to the path of totality. What’s going on? Well, across a strip of the US on Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse.

It’s a fascinating event, but I’m not planning on going outside that afternoon. I’m well aware of the risks of cooking my retinas with direct viewing. I’m hoping the public protects their eyes as they watch the unfolding drama in the sky.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to listen to coverage of it. I discovered the American Astronomical Society posted a collection of media links and there’s more than enough good choices for this nerd’s heart. Not seeing it doesn’t mean you miss out. I’ll leave the in-person parties to those who are goggled-up or looking through solar camera lenses. Here’s to indirect star-gazing.

If you are in North America, will you or any of your family and friends be viewing the total solar eclipse? Have you ever seen one? Would you plan a trip to view an eclipse? Tell me about it.


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  1. No, I would not watch the sun, full or eclipsed. Period. I’ll listen to it from inside, in the air conditioning.

    1. Oh yes, in a cooler space sounds better.

  2. Casee says:

    I’m scheduled to work that evening but even if I were not I would just watch it on television. I don’t want to take a chance and damage the vision that I have and I hope that everyone that is going out to see the eclipse are taking precautions.

  3. I have sort of seen a complete solar eclipse in England. I didn’t look directly at it . Instead I concentrated on the evening primroses in the garden which became luminous yellow in the eerie darkness. Beautiful and scary. It was easy to imagine its power on ancient people. Would love to hear your experience.

    1. Haunted by those primroses, Bridget! That is a novel way to experience eclipse effects.

      1. That’s the thing. Maybe you can look out the window for the unusual real effect. But, have to admit I also had the tv on.

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