Quality of Air

 Photo shows a mountain road cutting up through the trees which are covered in snow. It’s the air that gets them. Or more accurately, it’s what is not in the air that irritates my sensitive eyes.

After Halloween for months until the season changes and warmer outdoor temps arrive, indoor heat persists. Whether it’s radiant, forced air, or baseboard electric it fills the spaces I exist in. I can dream of a mild spring afternoon with open windows, but until then I  deal with heated air. Without moisturizing eye drops, the air rapidly dries and seemingly cracks my eyeballs like relentless sunshine baking desert ground.

As I’ve lived with low vision, I noticed eye drops aren’t always enough to fix the issue. I’ve written about this before. Today the differences is my secret weapon.

It’s about the size and shape of a soda can. It cost about $20. It’s white and it plugs in to a USB port or with the adapter any regular wall outlet. When it’s activated the indicator light changes from orange to blue and a hissing sound is heard. The kind of air I need, the kind of air my achy eyeballs crave rushes out. A plume of cool, hydrating mist from my travel humidifier soothes my eyes.

I take it to work and plug it into my tower. I have used it in the car, wondering if passing drivers think I’m obsessively vaping. It sits on my nightstand and treats the air as I drift off to sleep. It’s incredible this small device can make such a difference, but when you’re dealing with chronic eye fatigue every little bit helps. Inhale, ahhh.

Does recirculated air bother you? Have you dealt with dry eyes? Where do you breathe easy? Tell me about it.


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  1. Casee says:

    I’m fortunate that my drops still work for me but a humidifier is a ‘must have’ item in any room I sleep in.

    1. They really do make a nice difference.

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