Computer Screen Glare

 Image description computer screen with inverted contrast activated through zoom text. My eyes and glare go together like students and a substitute teacher. One wrong move and the day isn’t going to go well.  Some days the ocular classroom is relatively calm. Some days roll call isn’t complete and I’ve lost control. 

To manage light sensitivity I rely on things like hats, sunnies, and adjustable window shades. I’m happy to try something new, every incremental bit of saved eye strain equals less cumulative eye fatigue. Recently, I found a new way to reduce light sensitivity at work.

On my workstation, I use ZoomText for universal magnification.  Over the years, the other options haven’t made much of a difference to me. For contrast, I use the Chrome browser High Contrast add-on for internet pages. I don’t use  the Microsoft contrast setting because some of the programs I use for my job ignore the altered settings.

Preferences change. From time to time I review ZoomText settings in case something makes a difference. On a recent Friday between calls, I clicked on Color, then Scheme, then tried the options. This time, Invert Brightness helped. With the universal setting enabled, I experienced no delay in performance either. Hooray.

It’s not a cure for computer screen glare, but it helps. Making it to the end of the workday, or even to lunch without as much discomfort is a win to me. 

What are you grateful for this week? Tell me about it.


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  1. Katrin says:

    I’m grateful that tomorrow when I have to be outside all day volunteering at an event the weather forecast is now predicting overcast and cloudy. I’ve been dreading the event all week (beating myself up for agreeing to do this months ago) as it’s been so bright & glarey & painful out everyday. Now I’m dreading it less, yay for what others consider a poor weather forecast, shall make this event less painful and more doable for me! 🙂

    1. That’s great, Katrin!

  2. AnélCoetzee says:

    I am grateful for all the fantastic improvements to screen reading functionality which allows me to use my eyes less everyday. Fewer blinding headaches and much less frustration. 7% sight is just not enough for low vision technology to be effective.☺️

    1. Thanks, Ariel. We’re in the low vision trenches!

  3. Casee says:

    I’m grateful for the voiceover features that I have on my phone and computer but dreaded trying to learn because they seemed so complicated but with practice they will be an addition to my workflow and life that will make things much easier for me. I don’t know what my vision future holds but knowing the things that are available means I can have some independence and privacy when taking care of my business.

    1. It does foster hope. Thanks, Casee.

  4. albert says:

    Helpful post. Thank you. I’ve had some issues, especially at night, with my tablet. It doesn’t respond when I complain, so maybe these suggestions will make a difference.

  5. Like Katrin, I am grateful for a rare, and unexpected, cloudy day today. I’m also grateful for the tip on managing size on the computer. I’m having trouble figuring that out on my MacBook.

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    1. Thank you for crediting my blog in your post!

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