It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

 Image description beyond a white porch swing trees lush with leaves and blooms are visible. They look gorgeous. They smell lovely. But I’m not fooled. Those vibrant, blooming flowers contain little buckets of pollen time-bombs. If I get too close to the yellow dust, eventually itchy watery eyes team up with my usual light sensitivity. Delightful.

Allergy meds crowd the shelves at the pharmacy, but there’s a catch. When you have glaucoma, the good drugs are off-limits. Hand washing, handkerchiefs, and cold drinks are the remedies I rely on as I enjoy spring at a distance.

I sit this one out for a bit, drinking my iced tea on the porch swing next to my terriers. While I swing, I dream. I dream of chainsawing down every last blossoming tree. 

Wher, wher, wher…bzzz.

Do you have a favorite flower or plant? How is spring emerging for you? Tell me about it. 


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  1. albert says:

    Love the chainsaw dream! I haven’t gotten that far. I only stare out and wonder who planted the offenders in our yard way back before we moved here. Fortunately I don’t have a chain saw. Otherwise there might be midnight massacre out in the yard, and our resident gardener would know whom to blame.

    1. A midnight massacre, haha!

  2. Her name was Irma, and she was a hurricane. She buzzed those boomers right off of my planters. And with the demise of the flowers, bye bye bees.
    My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. They csn’t take the Florida summers. So now we have herbs. Fragrant without so much pollen. Dusty Miller is a tactile delight.
    Buzz what you like, but save the hydrangeas!

    1. Another reason for me to love basil, less pollen. I like hydrangeas, too.

  3. Casee says:

    With indoor and outdoor allergies I have no refuge. I do enjoy looking at flowers but one sniff and it’s itching skin, watery eyes and a stuffy nose. I don’t have a favorite flower. Good thing I’m not a very outdoorsy person. 😀

    1. Allergies are such a nuisance.

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