Gratitude Journal: Trackies

 Image descriptio a folded pair of charcoal heather trackies lay on the table. Last year it was time to say goodbye. The heather gray bottoms, my favorite loungewear, featured the perfect mix of fit to flare. Purchased on discount from my job at the mall they had seen me through the hard times. College hangovers and surgery recoveries to apartment sick days to household chores. Sure, the length was long and I occasionally stepped on the hem, but my sister had the same problem with hers. We remained loyal to our pairs to the end. They made the uncomfortable bearable.

It’s hard to replace a closet staple, a treasure of the limited collection. Limited time. Limited concern of high fashion. Limited sleep. I tried several substitutes over the years but none equalled standard until I ordered from Gap. Let me look up the tag name because I can’t remember it. OK I found it. Remember, this is American English. The best lounge bottoms: simple pants.

The initial pair passed in feel and fit until I walked around. They were too long. But the potential comfort outweighed the hassle of a second purchase. I rordered a different size. They fit. 

These charcoal gray cotton wonders provide a quick choice when getting ready for a day at home. I’ll walk the terriers in them, but I draw the line at visiting the post office or grocery store. After work when I’m tired, they cacoon me in stretchy softness and signal I am in for the night. My trackies are great. Well, except for when I step in a cold puddle of dog pee and they absorb like towels. Then I am grateful I own a washer/dryer. 

What clothing allows you to relax? Tell me about it.


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  1. Casee says:

    Like many people I have a favorite pair of jeans that I have had for twenty years! They are old Levi’s with a boot cut that are now as soft as a kitten. I love, love, love getting home from work or an off day and slipping into my ‘old friend’. They have held up surprising well with only one discreet hole and and some fraying at the bottom. I think as long as I manage my weight I’ll be able to enjoy them a few more years. 😀

    1. Twenty years, impressive.

  2. After so many years my favorite Snoopy sweater wore out, and I replaced it with one from Gap. Alas, it eventually found its way to the donation center. Nothing. A whole closet of clothes and nothing that matches your description of comfort. Well, there is that blue and white stripe…

    1. Have you tried to find a snoopy sweater on a site like eBay or poshmark? I’ve had luck replacing vintage-y items that lasted in someone else’s closet because garment standards used to be better. Sellers show tags etc.

      1. It’s worth a try, thanks. I had not thought of that. If I succeed, I’ll let you know!

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