Dancing on the Ceiling

Image shows a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting with a yellow flower and a green leaf decoration sitting on a marble counter.Another candle on the cake. Time for everyone’s favorite annual event…

It’s a tradition on a particular day in June. I check the path to make sure it’s clear of hazards then I’m ready. From the top, I start out strong, something with a good beat. Maybe Praise You by Fatboy Slim or Britney ‘s Toxic. Or some James Brown with Get Up or Ray Charles performing What’d I Say.

I bob my head, I sway my hips, I clap. I move around the house. Upstairs, downstairs, all around. Song after song, The terrier cocks his head at me in confusion. Eventually, he hops around, too. I keep stepping. It’s a one woman dance party. Every year on my birthday.

You ever watch the Ellen show? It’s like that moment in the beginning when she cues the music and the whole audience gets up to bust a move. It’s contagious. Happy Birthday to me. Am I having a bad day? A good day? Doesn’t matter. I’m dancing myself clean, yeah.

Dancing is a mood booster, a great stress reliever. Try it. No one has to know. Are you a terrible dancer? Even better. No one’s watching. Start up some songs on Pandora or hey, ask Alexa and play some music unknowingly for a random person in your contacts. Just get up and work it out. Close the office door. Three minutes. Hustle with Van McCoy. Jump with the Pointer Sisters. You better work.

Which song makes you want to dance? Tell me about it.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I do my dancing in my chair. Get things rolling with the Ronettes (early Rock and Roll) and work my way to Travis Tritt.

    1. It’s a great day to be alive.

  2. Bruce Bynum says:

    You’ve got some great tumes there. How about “Jump Around” by House of Pain? I can’t sit still when that comes on, though anyone who saw me would probably think I was having a seizure.

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