The Weather Report

Image of a city Bus stop SignI leave my wool scarf at home and use my lighter coat. Under my workstation gray flats cover my feet. When the weather relents, I take advantage. 

Closing time. The sun hasn’t set yet. I collect my things and lock up. My cane helps me find the steps. I exit the cold, old building into the late afternoon sunlight. 

Heavy traffic keeps me on the curb until the signal changes. I make my way to the bus stop, hearing music escape from lowered windows. Reflexively I smile.

These respites like water breaks can carry us through the efforts of the cold season to springtime. Winter will return, but for now I enjoy the brief warm spell. My bus approaches and I prepare to board. 



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  1. Kathy Peterson says:

    Lovely Susan! I could picture you every step of the way, hear the music, and feel the sun!

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  2. Casee says:

    It can feel like a holiday when the temperature hits 40 degrees on some days. Spring will be here before we know it.

  3. I remember those days of respite from the harshness of winter. As you are leaving and going to the bus stop, I can see your coat and shoes and picture your journey on the sidewalk. Lovin’ it.

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