Meal Plan

 Photo shows a can of hatch green chilies on a red cutting board. What’s for dinner isn’t the easiest question to answer. Routine options go stale and I search for ideas on new food blogs. Recently I found one with Trader Joe recipes. You know I like TJs. So, I dictated a list on my Notes app and Stockton and I went to the store.

The first set back hit quick. They didn’t have the Hatch Valley salsa, but Stockton suggested alternatives. We buy their Salsa Verde with a can of green chiles. Has anyone else noticed TJ‘s checkout has the best bank card reader chime? It gobbled in November. 

At home I prepare the chicken, brining then baking. As it rests, I assemble the other ingredients. The salsa jar refuses to open. I repeatedly twist, but the thumb joint in my right hand is starting to feel like I’m going to injure it. 

I go to a different counter level for leverage. Nope. I run it under some warm water. Nope. I google and there were some crazy theories to force it open. Even though they involve using a blunt object I’m still leery about trying to force open a jar especially when it’s a glass container. A reasonable tip says to wear a rubber glove. I do so and nope. I try freehand again and I realize being a lefty my wedding band might be pinching skin. I remove my ring, this is serious. Nope.

Finally I put the tap on the hottest it will go. Steam rises from our kitchen sink. I hold the jar under the flow. I dry it off with a towel, and then I twist twist twist…pop. A sense of relief floods me. My thumb will be sore tomorrow, but I will sleep well tonight with a belly full of green chile chicken enchiladas.


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  1. Janice Groome says:

    Al you need is an old fashioned bottle opener. Put the flat end on the rim and gently pull up. Do this in several locations until you hear a pop. Does not injure the jar, and it opens right up. I do this all the time.

    1. Aunt Janice, brilliant!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Isn’t that frustrating ! Around here it’s the milk jugs that are difficult to open. Our local Drug Mart has the best price on milk and it’s convenient because they carry a little of everythIng ( decent wine department ! ) but the last few months the milk has been impossible to open! It’s come down to keeping a pair of channel locks on my magnetic knife rack! To open MILK!!!!!!
    The best tip I got for opening jars is from my old mother in law. She always used the tip of a teaspoon under the lid and a slight pry. About 99% of the time that pops the lid!
    Your chicken recipe sounds great by the way!

    1. Oh that is a great idea. And what a way to open milk!

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