Mayberry Morning

 Welsh Photo shows welsh terrier‘s walking the streets of Mayberry, Ulysses is sniffing the air. The sun was out. The dogs sniffed the air and began walking the streets of Mayberry with me. Songbirds called from the trees. We reached the second stop sign and the warm breeze felt great, but I turned us towards home. I sneezed twice and reached for my linen hankerchief. Hello, Allergies.

Back at home, I opened the blinds so the terriers could watch cars zip past, music blaring from the stereos. I brewed tea to soothe my symptoms. Over the kettle whistle, I heard a few sport bikes roar by. 

A little while later, a long line of Harley’s rumbled through like a motorcycle club. Neighbors walked their dogs. Mine greeted them through the glass with barks. The word is out, spring is coming.


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