A Handle on the Situation

Image of a door handle on a silver car.I don’t mind going to the dentist, but Stockton does. To make sure we go regularly, I schedule our appointments at Mayberry Dental back-to-back. It’s another thing we do together.

This time it was uneventful: cleanings, exams, no cavities. We grabbed bagel sandwiches from the market in Mayberry and returned to our station wagon. As Stockton went around the car towards the driver’s side, I pulled the passenger door handle, but the door was locked. I stood there, holding my white cane and listening for the click of an unlock.

“What are you doing?” he said. His voice sounded farther away than I expected. I glanced over the roof of the car. He was about three parking spaces down at another silver station wagon.

“Oh, wow,” I said, stepping back. “I tried to get in the wrong car. Is anyone in there?”

I hurried to our car, giggling. Stockton assured me the other car was empty. When I sat down in the passenger seat, I turned to him. “Never did that when we had the bright blue car!”

We laughed, and I imagined our clean smiles shining bright. Stockton reversed out of the parking space for the trip home.

Have you entered the wrong car? Did you ever lose your car in a parking lot? Tell me about it.


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  1. Casee says:

    I actually spent about two minutes pulling on the door handle to a van when my brother, who was with me asked, ‘Why do you think that van is mine?’ I hadn’t noticed the shag carpeted dashboard! I was so embarrassed but learned to laugh about it. It wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last time I try to enter the wrong car. So far no occupants in the cars to see me look foolish.

    1. That is quite a memorable one, Casee.

  2. Ohhh… yeah, I can relate! :-/ 💜 Jackie@KWH

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the days when keys were less sophisticated my mother drove off in a stranger’s Minor station wagon. She only realised her mistake when she saw an unfamiliar pair of gloves on the passenger seat. Looking on the rear view mirror she saw a man in the middle of the road gesticulating wildly!

  4. Babz says:

    yeah a few times 😛
    went to the top of the street to go in my mates car, jumped in and had 3 people pause in mid conversation and just looking at me. Before they could speak i jumped out and went to the car behind

    1. That’s a notable entrance AND exit!

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