Lose a Job, Save Some Money

The humidity finally dropped into a cooler, autumn-like evening. We prepared the terriers for a walkie and headed out as the sun dipped below the horizon. When you’re job searching and particular about your budget, fun and free activities appeal even more.

The only annoying thing was my sock. Every ten minutes I had to stop, crouch, and pull my slouched sock above my heel again. The small fix kept me going though.

And that’s how I’m approaching my finances as Stockton and I downsize with my unemployment. Methodically, we went through the monthly charges we were unable to cancel and I targeted the ones we could reduce. Besides cooking more, it fills my unemployed days. Up first was our internet provider cost followed by our cell phone service. Did you know you can negotiate these bills? Here’s how:

  1. Research the competition in your area and find at least one better rate.
  2. Call your provider and say you want to cancel the service. If you’re talking to a regular customer service agent, they will transfer you to the account retention department.
  3. Let the retention rep give you options and rates. Consider, and then ask if there’s more they can do to help you save money because competitor A is offering this better rate and/or feature.
  4. Stay calm, patient, and friendly. I worked at a call center—assholes don’t get the best deals.
  5. When the rap can’t match competitor A’s rates or has run out of options, ask if there is anyone else that can do more for you. If they offer to transfer you to a manager, accept this. If they don’t offer, ask kindly to be transferred to a manager.
  6. Tell the manager how helpful the first agent was, but explain that you are still considering canceling the service because competitor A is still better. Ask what they can do. Stay patient and hear them out. If they don’t budge enough for you, then be prepared to cancel and switch to the competition. But usually the manager will be able to give you a little bit of a better deal than their reps.
  7. Thank the manager for their time and enjoy your savings.

The savings I earned by spending roughly three hours on the phone will last at least a year. I wasn’t ashamed to tell those who I talked to about my job loss. If you’re on a fixed income for any number of reasons, put that to work for you. It pays off. Like fixing the misfit sock, I’ll take the time and call annually to adjust my bill. It keeps my savings in place.

Are you on a budget? What bills have you reduced? How do you save money on your services? Tell me about it.


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  1. Babz says:

    great post and good tips. Defo need to get around calling some providers lol…x

  2. Casee says:

    This has worked well from me when it comes to the cable provider. The cellphone bill is not something I can maneuver as easily. Only certain companies service work well in my home area so even though I could get a lower price the coverage wouldn’t be as good. To save money I have downloaded the digital apps of the stores I use frequently. The digital coupons they offer can save me quite a bit of money. I don’t like to be a nuisance, but I also asked friends and family to keep me informed of any good deals they see when out and about.
    Good luck on your job search. I hope you find something you love. That is the best job of all. I also hope it pays well too!

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