It’s Easier to Ghost

At the appointed time, Stockton and I made sure to be home. Twice. And both times, the other party was a no call, no show. Now, don’t get me wrong. Things happen and plans aren’t always reality. The courtesy of an explanation about the delay or issue carries weight. But, as we watched the clock move on, we learned ghosting isn’t limited to online dating interactions.

Lately there’s been a few house projects around here in Mayberry. And anyone who has dealt with some kind of home repair, big or small, knows there will be surprises along the way. Between gathering referrals, contacting contractors, fielding communication, scheduling estimates, holding meetings, signing contracts, and making payments, there’s still the actual work to be done.

All sorts of things like sickness, product defects, and extended lead times–plus the regular old mistakes that happen because we’re all human–cause delays. It’s a relief when something is finally finished and the last check clears.

And as much as poor service can be an inconvenience, we hold some responsibility in maintaining the professionalism, too. Recently, I had to contact some people who had offered their services. It was time to tell them thanks, but no thanks.

Would it have been easier to not send those emails? Sure. But it felt better to have given notice. No one wants to be ghosted.


Have you been ghosted? Have you ghosted on something? Tell me about it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen! I have been ghosted in relationships, but this summer was ghosted by contractors as well. No phone call, no text, nothing. Not even the next day. Just never showed up. So much for me hurrying around to be ready at 9:15 a.m……. Guess they don’t need my business. Must be doing well!

    1. Yeah, saying a simple, “We can’t t take on this job, too busy,” would’ve been great!

  2. In the past we have been ghosted and, even when contacted, it’s difficult to believe that so many vans have broken Dow! However, I have noticed a big improvement since poor contractors can be posted on media.

    1. Bridget, ah yes, the ability to shine a light on poor behavior does help.

  3. Casee says:

    Sadly, this seems to be the new normal. Not only in relationships but in business dealings. I’ve had businesses promise to call me back and many never do. I’ve tried to arrange purchases worth good money with companies and they act as if money is so plentiful they don’t need mine. I don’t like it but I suppose this is modern life now. Rudeness as the norm.

    1. Yes, not getting a promised callback is always a bit of a mystery.

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