Hats On

After a long winter daffodils emerge and birds sing the sun up. I want to be outside sitting on my porch swing or taking a walk with the dogs, whatever. As soon as I get outside I remember, Oh right, I like the warmer weather, but my eyes hate the bright sunshine. Sunglasses aren’t enough….

Coconut Toil

Everyone reading this has a spa. It’s called the bathroom. Take a warm shower, use an aromatherapy soap, apply a face masque. Spend two minutes on Pinterest and realize how many ways people can waste, I mean spend, time smothering themselves with Three Simple Ingredients in the morning. Unless of course you’re in your spa…

The Cutoff Point

My hair reached critical mass. Well, it reached it a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t appointment time yet. My loyalty to a great stylist who works in another state means scheduling haircuts way in advance. Some stylists don’t cut a curly girl’s mop differently than straight locks. The poor results: the dreaded frizz triangle….

Talking with Your Scissors

It cascaded down, a whimsy contained in the wavy brown curls. But a heaviness crept in and it spent more time tied back, tucked under a hat, twisted into a bun, anything but loose. The day I approached the equivalent of a pioneer-era religious conservative’s hairstyle, it was a wake-up call. My neck was tired…

Sure or Unsure?

The armpit: an efficient and functional part of the body our American culture ruined. We anti-perspire it. We deodorize it. We shave it. It’s a lot of work against nature. Shaving is tricky. Shaving with low vision can be an ordeal, a lesson in patience, a measure twice cut once kind of affair. There’s always…