Building Up Braille

The end was near. Diligently I plugged away month after month on the correspondence course from Hadley. Dot by dot, page by page each workbook taught me a few letters of the braille alphabet. Listening to the audio lessons at my desk in my darkened computer room I focused on the page under my fingers….

Lessons for Life

I remember when he took lessons from a family friend to learn how to use his computer. E-mail. Logging online. Surfing the web. This was around the year 2000 and my grandfather was about 80 years old. The man never stopped consuming information and expanding his brilliant mind, and it made an impression on me….

Braille for Millennials {Seminars@Hadley podcast}

I love a good podcast. I learn while I’m working. I chuckle while doing chores. I’m entertained while sitting on the couch with the dogs. Stockton knows about my audio habit. I do have my favorites… One weekday at work, my braille instructor from Hadley called me. She invited me to be on an upcoming…

One Dot at a Time {VisionAware post}

Welcome, 2017.  Resolution makers, breakers and those who don’t bother, we all face the sparkling promise of the year to come.  It’s invigorating to imagine shedding the dry skin of previous failures or poor choices and to begin with a smooth touch on new goals. For me 2017 will be another year full of adventures–intentional and otherwise–as I live…

Blind Bibliophilia and Free Books

I’m a nerd. Of course I love to hold books in my hands, flip the pages, inhale the freshly-pressed inky scent. But with these eyes, reading regular print is a hardship. A paperback becomes a project. I gotta use my magnifier and risk major eye strain or fuss with my text reading equipment and hold…