Accurate Transit

When you’re living with a disability, transportation can be a hassle. For most of us, hopping in the car and driving ourselves wherever we want to go particularly at the last minute is no longer an option. It takes time and effort to coordinate rides, wait for pick-ups, and figure out the best options for…

Sights Unseen

The wind blew my hair in my face. I struggled to restrain it as I peered through my monocular down the road. No bus yet. I dropped my arm to my side and noticed a woman at the far end of the block. She appeared to glide. These eyes deceive me. I closed them and…

Puzzled on the Bus

It was like any other weekday afternoon. I left work and caught my bus. I scanned my farecard and moved to find an available seat. A person with something large on the floor occupied the first seat on the right. Two empty places appeared next. Instinct told me to leave the seat between us open….

It’s About Time

I expected to write this months ago. Press releases from the state agency noted an autumn timeline. I waited for the event to happen as crimson, amber, and golden leaves started falling from trees. And waited some more because when you’re not in command, you have to wait. I contacted the agency a few times via…

Always on Time

Sometimes I wait for a while. Sometimes I wait less. Sometimes it’s early and I hustle to catch it. It’s as predictable as choosing winning lottery numbers but you can’t win unless you play the commuter lottery. Take out your tokens. As a commuter, I would love to know where my bus is right now….