3 Ways Living with Vision Loss is like Thanksgiving

Living with vision loss can be as puzzling as figuring out the appeal of turducken. If you’ve never experienced it, you’re going to be in for a few surprises. Thanksgiving has the potential to be surprising, too. Here are some ways Thanksgiving reminds me of dealing with low vision: Plan ahead, but don’t be afraid…

Life by Consumption

Holidays bring out the best and the worst in us. Whether you’re looking forward to the next gathering or dreading it, we’ve all experienced both kinds. Throw aside expectations and see what happens. I’m looking forward to spending quality time and enjoying some delicious meals.  While I bake rolls and mash taters, I might just squeeze…

Thanksgiving 2015

I am someone’s daughter, sister, wife. To many others, a friend. Their love and support is cherished. I have a family, a home, a job, a life. Those things are appreciated. It’s easy to write off reflection as sappy drivel. This is sincere. This is me sending heartfelt thanks to you for reading Adventures in…

Holiday Break

Whether you’re cooking a turkey, eating a turkey, thinking about turkeys… Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day and as always, thanks for reading Adventures in Low Vision. 


“Get your idle hands out of your pockets. Busy people don’t keep hands in pockets.” I recall an old manager’s words echoing across the concrete back room I used to work in as I walk my carpeted office hallway without my cane, shoving my hands in the pockets of my cozy blue puffer vest. I love pockets….