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Some FAQs:

Where do I go to find ways to live with low vision?
Check out the Tips category in the footer for tools and tricks.

What is it like to have low vision?
Check out the Experiences category in the footer for a glimpse of my perspective on living with low vision.

Who are you?
Click on the {About Me} link near the top of the page for two minutes about, well, me.

Who is Stockton?
I refer to my husband as Stockton on the blog because he’s always there for me. Many people in my life are Stocktons, assisting in the big ways and the little ways. I know you have some in your life. My original Stockton post.

How do I contact you?
Leave a comment on a post. Use the Contact Me form on the {About Me} page. Or, send me an email at: adventuresinlowvision@gmail.com.

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