Pushing A Limit

I carried my lunch to the office refrigerator. While in the kitchen, I filled a mug with steaming water, and into it I slipped a blueberry tea bag. I picked my way with care back to my desk, watchful for any coworkers and the office dog.

Settled back at my desk, I noticed some account papers to input. I rooted in my workbag for my magnifier. The initial search turned up nothing, so I focused and moved around the inside of my bag deliberately. I found no magnifier. It remained not here because it was there. There on the icebox. At home. Eff.

I managed the rest of my workday by using my CCTV digital magnifier and squinting at times when doing things like filing, Luckily, I did not encounter any tasks that were impossible. I sensed I pushed myself more than I like to. My work created a dull ache around my eyes, wearing me down more than usual.

Days like this remind me that my capabilities have limits. This doesn’t bum me out; it’s just a fact. And, it doesn’t mean I can’t push the limits at times when necessary, but simply that there will be consequences when I do. It highlights how a basic accommodation like my handheld magnifier helps me: it takes the edge off my eye strain and allows me to do things longer without as much effort at work.

Did you push your limits today? How do you try to avoid it?


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  1. I was wondering if your work place had taken into account your “low vision situation” and adjusted your work station accordingly?

    1. Hi Cakes and Moustaches: Oh yes. My low vision is no secret to my coworkers, who are supportive and accommodating.

      1. That’s some good news, I’m not sure how my workplace would react if I were in your situation. I like how upbeat & positive you stay. Liked your ‘tip’ about cleaning by grid line. -Bree.

      2. Thanks, Bree! While reasonable accommodations are required by law, I am grateful to be at a workplace that has proactively helped me rather than one where I would have to educate. The state agency I receive services from offers workplace assessments, so I hope every state agency nationwide does that, too.

  2. ptat says:

    sounds like you need another magnifier to leave at work. side Q, what kind of office dog?

    1. Hi Ptat! Yes, as of Monday I now leave a magnifier at work. The dog is a beagle.

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