Whisps of white clouds dot the bright blue sky over the blue green Atlantic ocan. Waves roll up the sandy shoreline.The waves crash onto the shore one after another, the sound lulling me into a trance. Stretched out on my yellow and navy beach towel, I feel the heat of the sun on my skin. Sweat drips off me. It is time. I am ready.

I rise and carry my foam noodle under my arm like a football to the shoreline. Grains of wet sand massage my soles as I near the edge of the blue-green water. Stockton stands next to me. My cousins swim in the ocean already, their voices carried to my ears in the humid breeze.

I wait for the pause between waves then seize my opportunity, running into the salty liquid and diving under the surface. The cool water muffles noise. I resurface for a breath. Stockton paddles beside me. I let the sunlight warm my face as I bob in the water. The bright noodle under my pale shoulder blades supports my weight, cradling me in a lazy lounge. I’m buoyed.

I hear more movement in the water, two familiar faces emerge. It’s been years since I went swimming with my parents. We float over waves and chatter in ordinary conversation in a time capsule of joy.

I close my eyes to peace and rock with the ocean. My feet point to the sky, my heart rests at home. I exhale and drift with the tide until my fingers prune and hunger gnaws my belly. I might not be able to stay in tranquility much longer, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You captured the lure of the ocean perfectly!

    1. Thanks. I love being by and in the water.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Happy hols!

    1. A little slice of heaven.

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