ReVisions Tips

Image of dictionary page open to the definition of revise.My series ReVisions isn’t a Gotcha or a takedown. It’s about increasing awareness and striving for improvement. My experiences show me one size doesn’t fit all, one way doesn’t work for everyone. People tend to harbor decent intentions, but you can’t fix what you don’t realize is broken. With a broader outlook, we can all do better.

Here are some ways to make a piece more inclusive:

  • Are there image descriptions?
  • Is a transcript available?
  • Is this available in multiple formats, for example physical paper and digital formats?
  • Are additional formats free for those who require them?
  • Are there subtitles or even better closed captions on videos?
  • Is there audio description on video clips?
  • Is the information applicable to someone using a wheelchair or crutches, someone who has vision loss or someone who is Deaf, etc?
  • If modification is necessary, have alternatives been included?
  • Have you sought feedback from people who live with disabilities to check if this reads as inclusive?

What makes something inclusive for you? Tell me about it.


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