Spring arrived and brought with it pollen, grass cuttings, budding trees, and whatever else blooms. How quickly I miss the cold blanket of winter. My allergies developed when I moved south of the Mason-Dixon line, but this year I’m feeling the hurt.

I appreciate eye soreness from sinus pressure rather than eye surgery. It’s the little things. And, soreness fades when it competes against these pleasant symptoms:

My nose parades teams of sniffles.

My throat itches like a wool sweater.

Tissues pile up like Christmas presents, but no one wants those gifts.

Coughs and sneezes rattle my body like potholes on the turnpike.

The Benadryl monster taunts me with relief in exchange for twelve hours of uselessness.

My nasal passages fall asleep anyway, tingling along without interruption.

For those of you who cut your grass only once a week, I salute you. For those of you with black thumbs instead of green ones, that’s even better.

How are your allergies this year?


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  1. Trisha says:

    I’m already missing winter too! Allergies are such a drag.

    1. Trisha, thanks for comiserating on the allergies!

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