Sleep Elixir

It’s time to share another bit of life wisdom.1 When I discover something that makes my life easier, I like to pay it forward.2

Today, I do that for you. Are you having trouble sleeping? Who doesn’t in America? Maybe outside the great US of A, you people have a handle on shut-eye, here not so much. Why is caffeine so popular? Because we are always tired.

Maybe not so much after my revelation. I can’t cure your brawling neighbors or your anxiety issue or your pregnancy insomnia that keeps you wide-eyed at night. What I can do is tell you about my sleep elixir.3  It’s so amazing, I call it an elixir. Just in time for the holiday season, a way to get some extra Zzzzz’s.4

My solution: drink tea in the evenings.5  It relaxes me, allows me to chill out a bit. I have a favorite and it’s my elixir. It’s a brand6  with bears on the boxes. I am a sucker for cute packaging. I see the Sleepytime box and it’s so adorable I buy it, remembering I used to drink it as a kid.7

Sleepytime Tea helps when I need rest after a tough day with low vision.8 Despite being the self-confessed nap queen,9 there are days when I need a nudge to pass out. I add some local honey if my allergies are terrible, too. It might be the placebo effect, but I don’t care. Sleepytime works! 10


1. I’m going to David Foster Wallace you with the footnotes on this blog post. Can blog posts even have footnotes? Literary types like the podcasters on Book Riot need to discuss this issue amongst themselves.
2. The gravel tip helped your life improve in innumerable ways. Don’t lie. Even you, Nicole.
3. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the process of this discovery, or in the making of my sleep elixir.
4. You can thank me by heaping tons of praise in the comments.
5. Like the Queen without the servants. Or the china. Or Prince Charles. But, my Welshie would give those Corgis a run.
6. Celestial Seasonings.
7. Nostalgia factor times ten.
8. Make all the fun you want. Then try it yourself. It’s magical.
9. Thank you 5am rowing practice in college for instilling in me the necessity of naps.
10. No more footnotes for a while. This is exhausting. I did my own html coding. I’m sorry if it messed up screen readers.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip Susan. I will try the Sleeptime tea and let you know how it works!

    1. Looking forward to knowing if it works for you!

  2. Twinings Camomile tea helps with just a little honey. Next doors car wakes me when he calls round miaowing loudly at 5 am. He’s not even hungry, he just likes company and believe me he can make some noise. As for the Queen, Charles and the corgis, the mere thought makes me yawn!

    1. Yawn=sleepy=working! Cats at 5am can be terrors.

  3. Trisha says:

    I haven’t had any Sleepytime in years! I will have to get some. I, too, am a sucker for cute packaging.

  4. ptat says:

    Loved the formatting 🙂 Doubt it’ll cure my preg insom but will give it a whirl. Thanks Dr. K!

    1. Hooray! (For the possible fix, not the sleepless state) besides, you know if my elixir won’t cut it, you can always go to the big leagues and ask Mama T for some ancient medicine!

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