The Cutoff Point

My hair reached critical mass. Well, it reached it a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t appointment time yet. My loyalty to a great stylist who works in another state means scheduling haircuts way in advance. Some stylists don’t cut a curly girl’s mop differently than straight locks. The poor results: the dreaded frizz triangle. I’ll wait for my seasoned pro.

This time, my slot landed in the humid month of August. My straightened hair fell nearly to my waist–a real pain in the neck. I sat in the swivel chair wearing one of those billowy black capes. I tilted my head and asked, “How much would be left if I donated my hair?”

Salon Enso sends unprocessed hair to organizations like Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love. I shipped off my long curly tresses twice before, so I knew a significant amount like 10 inches would be cut. My stylist squared her shoulders, sized up the situation, and leaned in to mark a place just above my clavicles. “You would still be able to pull it back low, away from your face. Not much for a high ponytail though.” She made upward tossing gestures with her hands, and I imagined myself with a spiky tuft like a giggly toddler.  There’s always headbands.

“Ok. Let’s do it.” I sat back and my stylist went to work cutting, washing, drying, shaping. The salon uses organic products from Aveda. My eyes never water there. The space is fresh and pleasant, the polar opposite to places reeking of permanents and harsh coloring chemicals. You return to areas you feel relaxed in. Ahhh.

 Image shows two lengths of braided light brown hair held up in the salon. She finished and spun me around. She handed me a big mirror to check out my sleek new do. Loved it. I gave her a hug and smiled brightly. I settled up with the cashier and exited into the summer heat, enjoying the breeze on my neck. A weight off my shoulders will transform into a beautiful gift.


Have you ever donated your hair? What do you like about visiting a hair salon or barbershop? Did something funny ever happen to your hair? Tell me about it.



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  1. Trisha says:

    What a wonderful thing to do! I would love to grow my hair out long enough to donate but mine is fine and fragile and breaks off too easily to grow very long. Plus, I wouldn’t want to saddle anyone with my uncooperative hair. It won’t do any style, except the uncombed banshee look.

    1. Always unpredictable, that banshee look!

  2. Casee says:

    I keep my hair rather short to make taking care of it less of a chore. If it were long I would love to donate it. In the heat and humidity that I have been experiencing this summer I am happy I keep my hair short. 🙂

    1. Short hair in the summer feels great.

  3. Camie says:

    The funniest thing to happen to my hair was getting a round brush completely stuck in it, and my husband trying EVERYTHING we could think of to get it out (mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.) to no avail. It had to be cut out and I had an interesting hair style until my hair grew back out. My husband banned me from round brushes after that! 😂

    1. That’s crazy. I hope it wasn’t painful. I’m assuming that round brush is no longer with us.

      1. Camie says:

        Only painful to my ego, haha. If I remember right, my husband broke the handle off, trying to get the brush out of my hair, so the poor thing didn’t make it.

      2. Epic hairbrush battle.

  4. My friend owns a small, upscale salon, and I enjoy going there. As you mentioned with your salon, she uses quality products that have minimal odor and leave my hair feeling nice. So why would a guy care? I care because of taking care of myself, of staying current, of looking the best I can for my wife who I never take for granted. Yes, I like going.
    Congratulations on donating your hair. It takes courage, and I’ve known people who were grateful for someone else’s donation at a troubled time.

    1. Well said. Thanks for adding your perspective to the mix.

  5. Marshs says:

    I have done the 5k at the Cleveland Zoo that was for Wigs for Kids. You can get your haircut to donate your hair to them at the event. There are actually a lot of males who had grown their hair long to donate. Thanks Susan for you sharing that you donated your hair as I know the person who gets it will appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the 5k you participated in for Wigs for Kids, Marsha. Sounds like a great event.

  6. Robyn Haynes says:

    I wasn’t aware of the possibility of donating hair. What a generous thing to do. A bad haircut sends me into a spin. It takes ages to trust a new stylist after that kind of experience.

    1. Haircuts can be stressful. A bad haircut is no fun.

      1. Robyn Haynes says:

        Why is how our hair looks so important to identity I wonder? I don’t think it’s vanity. Do you?

      2. Change is hard. I suppose a bad haircut can feel like a loss to some perhaps?

  7. Firstly, I must say, that I am totally jealous at your long babe-a-licious locks! Secondly, that you have done the donation a couple of times is very impressive. nice work!

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