Look Up, Move Forward

It’s weird after a vacation. Everything normal seems a little unusual. The tall streetlights and wide beltway and ever-present signage of the closest big city appear dense and industrial compared to the laid-back coastal town we left. I notice the vague scent of the hardwood floor sealant as I walk through my front door rather than the strong, salty sea breeze. I notice how narrow my upstairs bathroom feels compared to the rental house’s cool spaces. I realize while my neighborhood falls quiet overnight, there’s no extra sound of the ocean waves rolling up the shoreline again and again. Soon things will feel normal and I will slide into my routines, forgetting how a vacation feels different. It’s all relative.

If you’re in the middle of a transition, big or small, I have a book rec for you. Look Up, Move Forward by Becky Andrews. Full disclosure: I know the author personally, but did not receive any form of compensation for the review. My motivation to pass along the information is to spread the feelings of goodwill and open-heartedness the book created in me. It’s similar to the review I posted on Goodreads, a site that helps you track your reading and discover your next great read.

Final note: I decided to keep the blog schedule I used over the summer. New posts on Adventures in Low Vision will continue to appear once a week.  Goodbye, summer; welcome, autumn!

~ Susan


Adjusting to vision loss can be tough physically and emotionally. In the book Look Up, Move Forward, Becky Andrews shares her compelling life story of accepting blindness with candor and grace. Each chapter offers a relatable lesson in facing hardships. Filled with perseverance, love, and adventure, her message of resilience will stay with you well after you finish this fast read.

While I know Becky and could gush because she’s an incredible person, the strength of her story stands alone. It awaits to help you overcome challenges. As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, she presents a clear narrative and provides tools and techniques for readers to face the adversity in their lives. Recommended for anyone experiencing loss and uncertainty.

Have you read Look Up, Move Forward? Do you recommend any books discussing uncertainty and resiliency? Tell me about it.


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  1. Casee says:

    Welcome back! I hope your vacation was enjoyable. I will add this book to my short list. I got a lot of reading done over the last few weeks so I am back to adding books. I checked my list but I have no books on uncertainty or resilience. I love science fiction though. I do gain a lot of insight from the blogs like yours. Where folks are dealing with everything from vision loss to divorce to autistic children. I never come away uninspired or grateful for what I have.

  2. Good wishes for Autumn, Susan. Glad your blog will be back. I have been very remiss in not writing my blog this summer. The reason being that it has been so full of birthdays, celebrations, holidays and, for once, good weather that I didn’t know where to begin. Just one more wedding and a festival and a visit to go and I should be back to ‘normal’. Hopefully I will take inspiration from you.

    1. I’m sure you will be writing soon, Bridget!

  3. Jenelle says:

    I was so excited to see this post because this book has been on my reading list all summer. Sadly, reading took a backseat to living la vida loca this summer. SO LOOKING FORWARD to sitting down this fall with a hot cup of tea, and finally reading again! Thanks Susan!


    1. You’ll love it, Jenelle. It’s like having a conversation with Becky.

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