Hats On

 Photo shows Matilda the terrier sitting by the front door ready for a walkIe.After a long winter daffodils emerge and birds sing the sun up. I want to be outside sitting on my porch swing or taking a walk with the dogs, whatever. As soon as I get outside I remember, Oh right, I like the warmer weather, but my eyes hate the bright sunshine. Sunglasses aren’t enough. I need a hat with a brim to mitigate the glare my retinal detachments gifted me. 

I have a hat. But my youngest fur baby decided to use it as a chewie. Is it what I want to wear in public anymore? Not exactly.

The other day I was perched in the big chair in an exam room at a follow-up low vision appointment. My doctor went through the usual questions about which assistive devices I was using and how I was coping with my eye symptoms. Besides updating my glasses prescription, she asked if I was using a hat.

“Well,” I said, wincing, “My dog kinda ate it.”

“Buy a new one.” She finished her notes at the computer and stood up to lead me to the next room. “Tomorrow.”

Doctor mandated accessorizing. This is a dream come true. 

I prefer online shopping so I can scroll at my own pace and take breaks as needed. Browsing in stores is great to be able to touch materials and try on things, but I get worn down and anxious in certain store environments. With too many choices or weird layouts to navigate I get tired and wish to quit. Browsing tends to be more of a hassle now instead of the treasure hunt it used to offer. Websites with great design make it easier.

After dinner that evening, I was–what else–listening to a podcast and an ad came up for an online consignment store. If Georgia and Karen endorse it, I’m likely to investigate it. They are the quirky hosts of one of my subscriptions, My Favorite Murder (don’t judge, they are feminists and champ victims rights and the show doesn’t glorify violence. But its dark humor is not for the faint of heart. Consider yourself disclaimed.)

Armed with my promo code and my doctor recommended activity, I type in thredup.com. I had no problem scrolling through the departments to find what I wanted. I didn’t use VoiceOver so I don’t know if the site was accessible in that way, but from a zoomable and general low vision framed shopping experience I was happy.

I was even happier when my order showed up in a cute polka-dotted paper bag earlier than anticipated. I’m now back in business with a brimmed, dark gray cap. Sorry Matilda, paws off.

Where do you shop online? Have you tried thredup? What is your favorite hat? Leave a comment if you want the 40% off promo code. Tell me about it.


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  1. Casee says:

    I absolutely love amazon.com for general purpose things and Nordstrom for clothes. I don’t like shopping in stores unless I get there early and it is not crowded. I wear hats all the time now. I wish I had done so when I was younger. I’ve never tried thredup but now I’m interested. My favorite hat is a really cute yet functional rain hat. I think I look quite awesome in it which helps the self esteem. 🙂

    1. Hats are the best. If you check out thredup and add anything to your cart, I used promo code MFM for 40% off. I don’t know when it expires.

  2. Katrin says:

    Over the past couple of years the glare issues have gotten to the point anytime I step outside I need the benefit of a hat and sunglasses. So I keep brimmed hats everywhere. By the back door, front door, basement door, in my bag, a spare in the car, etc. easy to grab and go. I’m so used to having one on I occasionally forget it’s not on if it falls off while I’m somewhere, that is until im outside again. Hats have simply become a staple of my wardrobe now. I’ve even figured out the best hairstyle for me that helps keep the hat on my head while looking nice. Lol. Hope you enjoy your new hat!

    1. You must tell me about this hairstyle!

  3. Chris Gibson says:

    Suz, I really enjoy your blog. Appreciate your sharing with us all!

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