A Pair of Glasses Cases

Image shows Large font E in black on a white background like a smelled chart.This year I received an updated Rx for eyeglasses at my low vision appointment. My doctor recommended I try a second pair for reading at the computer, a middle distance focus to reduce the lean-in tendency. I agreed. Stockton and I traveled over to the optician to shop.

Selecting frames from the brightly lit wall of columns and columns of choices is not only a bit overwhelming for me, it hurts my light-sensitive eyes. Between wiping my watering eyes and nose I tried on a bunch of options. I wanted a smaller frame style, and I remembered Steph from Bold Blind Beauty saying smaller lenses cut some weight with strong prescriptions, too. The lady helping us gathered a few and asked me to try them on.

“Those look beautiful,” she said, studying my face, “They fit the shape of your face well. What do you think?” We went over to her desk. I sat in front of a magnifying mirror to see my image better. I liked them, but I liked four others, too. Decisions, decisions. A half hour after we started, I chose the final two frames, one brown on the outside with green on the inside for my everyday pair, and another tortoise shell pattern for my readers. Both held a smaller, slight cat-eye shape compared to my current boxy, purple frames.

“Oh this is funny,” the optical associate said as she typed the styles numbers into her computer, “These are the same, just different colors and slightly different sizes. That’s why we couldn’t see the difference.” She completed my order and we left for lunch.

Days later, the office called me when my glasses were ready. There’s an issue with one of my bifocals, but that’s another story for another day. I sat again at a desk as an associate adjusted the frames to fit me. The new frames weighed less than my old frames, too. Before we left, I realized I held one hard case, a smooth blue and green clamshell.

“I’ll need another hard case. I need to keep these protected, and I want to know at a glance one from the other.” Stockton knows how it goes at our house with curious terriers around and the matter of sharp keys and chargers in my work bag. The employee checked the backroom for a suitable case.

“How’s this one?” He said as he placed the new case on the desk.

“You have done well.” I smiled and claimed the bright pink case. Stockton and I left. New glasses and new cases gives me something to smile about.

Image shows the two shiny clamshell cases, one pink the other blue.

What do your glasses look like? How do you pick out frames? Have you ever broken a pair of glasses? Tell me about it.


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  1. Steph gave you good advice about frame size. As a general rule smaller frames and rounded frames will usually produce the thinnest, hence lightest lenses. Conversely, larger frames and square or square cornered frames tend to cause thicker, heavier lenses. You mentioned the cat-eye shape. The pointed section can also tend to create a thicker lens, so that is another factor in choosing.

    Indeed, you need a case for each pair. Sometimes you might want to have both pair off and protected. I’m sure she simply forgot. I like the ones you eventually got. I’m currently fond of Ted Baker frames and as a result have some look alike cases. It’s like the shell game trying to keep track! lol

    My wife and I enjoyed your experience and thank you for sharing.

  2. Casee says:

    So far in my life I’ve only broken one pair of glasses. I put them down on the bed and then I got in on the other side and rolled over. Splat! There went my glasses. Fortunately, it was already time for me to get another pair anyway so I just went ahead and got a really lovely Gray framed pair of glasses with lots of black swirls in them. It’s sort of hard to describe but they actually did look very nice and I was also told if you have thick lenses to go with a smaller frame and that is what I usually do. My glasses cost so much I keep several hard cases around. I’ve never had to remind the person helping me to give me a case.

    1. Your gray glasses sound nice, Casee.

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